I started at Robinson Manufacturing in 2001, 16 years ago, in the accounts department, and have seen many changes in my time here.

Back then there was only a small team, 2 people in the roof truss department, 2 people at Ecojoist. One truss press, one Ecojoist press, a hand full of people in each factory, with one lorry delivering for each department.

Over the years I have seen the installation of 2 more roof truss presses at Wellingborough, 2 new roof truss manufacturing factories; one in Essex, and one more recently in South Wales.  We are now able to manufacture and supply spandrel panels from all 3 sites. The building of a new purpose built Ecojoist factory, plus the introduction of JJI joists.

Our staff base has increased, we now have a larger estimating/design department, a sales and customer service team, and more recently the introduction of a customer site relationship manager.

My role within the company has changed too. I moved from accounts into the roof truss production department. Initially, taking call offs and recording them on the planner, to where I am now, scheduling deliveries, and issuing jobs to the Wales, and Wellingborough factories.

The company has come a long way since I first started and I am excited to see where we will be in another 16 years!

Wendy Spiller

Senior Production Scheduler