1471 Trusses!

The new school for the National Autistic Society, which is on a mixed site including residential units, is an ongoing project.

Robinson Manufacturing continue to deliver call offs on time, and trusses have been successfully integrated with no issues. The school is a major undertaking in terms of the timber engineering involved, needing:

  • 1471 Individual trusses
  • Over 2500 sheets of 18mm plywood.
  • Over 1000 Masonry Hangers
  • A total of 150m³ of timber
  • 4818m² roof surface area

Large projects rarely go completely without a hitch. New air conditioning units which have been installed presented a challenge, as they were heavier than the stated weights we designed to, so we liaised with Constable’s technical dept. and site agents to ensure a comprehensive working solution.

Overall it has been a swift and successful build (so far) with very few obstacles, and has been a very informative learning experience for us as a company to build a facility for the NAS.

The residential development is progressing nicely as well!

Designed by our team for the Anderson Group, the project is a successful collaboration between Architects, Structural Engineers, Site Agents and ourselves:

  • Based at the former Tottenham Hotspurs training ground at Chigwell, the new school is a purpose built educational centre for autistic children, and has a value of over £120,000
  • Bespoke design to accommodate the needs of autistic children
  • Built next to the 60 plot residential development we also supplied with both floors and trusses as well as JJI floors.
  • Unique design features used to overcome challenges whilst staying true to the original design.
  • Truss design integrated to also form parapet walls.
  • Glulam beams used to span trusses extremely long distances at shallow pitches.
  • Structural loading to accommodate extremely heavy plant equipment
  • The truss design layouts all had to be incredibly comprehensive