EC5 standards

Impact of EC5 Standards on Floor Joists and Attic Trusses

Impact of EC5 Standards on Floor Joists and Attic Trusses Under current EC5 standards, Deflection Limits are based on product capability, replacing the British Standards, where fixed limits applied to floor joists and attic trusses. This gives us the flexibility to help our customer improve the client experience of their house-buyers, and reduce aftercare costs[…]


NHBC TECHNICAL GUIDANCE – Spandrel Panels to Cold Roofs 7.2/25 January 2018

As you may be aware, the NHBC have released new technical guidelines regarding the construction and site installation of spandrel panels and gable panels. NHBC TECHNICAL GUIDANCE – Spandrel Panels to Cold Roofs Click here to access the document in full. The main points to be aware of are as follows: The minimum build up[…]

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JJI Joist Key Benefits & Video

This structurally engineered timber joist combines high-grade softwood with an engineered composite panel, and is suitable for both floor and flat roof structures. Robinson Manufacturing is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of JJI Joists, with a production facility able to supply 5,000 floors per annum. This together with purpose built production equipment and design[…]

Self Build Project Attic Trusses

Self Build Project Attic Trusses We’ve recently completed a project to provide complex attic trusses to a client in Moulton. The project was a 4-bed chalet using attic trusses throughout with complicated interactions between roof lights, dormer windows and the stairwell. The trusses also exceeded the safe transportation limits so were manufactured in two parts.[…]

Metal web joists – the best choice for your new build home

Every individually built new home is the result of exhaustive research and meticulous planning. We know you don’t want to leave any detail to chance so we know you’ll want to consider metal web joists. Highly engineered using the latest technologies to provide a wide range of benefits over traditional joists, every metal web joist[…]