Apprenticeship Programme


Robinson Manufacturing has a great record in developing and retaining staff – some of whom have stayed with us for decades.

This fundamental belief in bringing people on and giving them the support and training to contribute successfully to the growth of our business is a great fit with the Apprenticeship programme.

We have two apprentices currently in position – Jack Taylor in our Design team, Joshua Gayton in our Finance department – soon to be joined by Lauren Hewitt in our Sales & Marketing team.

HR Director Shelley Regan is passionate about the company’s apprenticeship programme: “It’s so important to giving youngsters a structured and supported route into a career, and it’s a win win for the business,” she commented. “The apprentices don’t just learn from us, we also learn from them. Their fresh approach and enthusiasm they bring doesn’t just lift us, it also challenges established ways of doing things, helping us find better ways to achieve better results.”

Jack Taylor Robinson ApprenticeJack Taylor

Jack is an extremely active 17 year old, who is continually prompting a positive and healthy lifestyle; both mentally and physically. Jack lives in the local town of Higham Ferrers with his mother and sister and has recently passed his driving test, allowing him to drive his navy Renault Clio.

Previously, before the apprenticeship, Jack attended a football scholarship for Peterborough FC; alongside studying for his four A Levels. Jack found it in his best interests to leave both the scholarship and sixth form to look for an apprenticeship and he says since that day he has “never looked back”.

“I want to be greatly involved in the property and building industry in the future,” he commented, explaining the reasoning in the choice in his apprenticeship. “In the 6 months of being here I have enjoyed and embraced the change very much. My life has dramatically changed for the better since starting the apprenticeship.”.

Since joining the business, Jack has been writing a blog about his experiences, which you can read here.

JJoshuaoshua Gayton

Joshua is currently a full time Apprentice whilst also trying to get through the AAT course in Accountancy. When he succeeds in getting through to the end of the course his hopes for the future are to stay on with Robinsons Manufacturing and to build a career in the Finance department.

“I hope to continue working full time here as I am already feeling so settled in and I’ve made a friendly bond with a great amount of people that work in the company.” Joshua commented. “Since I was 15 I have always aspired to become an accountant. I was the only child of my year to stay every day after school to study further math tutoring. In my spare time I am a family oriented man and a part time gamer. I am very much looking forward to seeing what the future holds for the people of my generation.”

Lauren Hewitt

lauren hewittLauren has joined our busy Sales & Marketing department:

“I never really got along with school very well and it has always been my aspiration to get into the working world. Everyone has been so friendly and welcome and made every day a good day. I’ve found that RML have allowed me to grow as a person and I’m extremely grateful.

“In my spare time I love to bake and ride my Vepsa around. I love spending time with my family and traveling to different place. I love working at RML and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”